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About Teel Auctions

Did you know the average household contains nearly $50,000 worth of furniture, jewelry, electronics and other belongings?

Did you know that selling through yard sales, flea markets and online takes weeks or months?

Did you know that households on average are becoming smaller, making it more difficult to find family and friends interesting in taking furniture and belongings?

Imagine a service with the staff, vehicles and equipment to conveniently pick up belongings of homeowners, estate items and businesses, then markets them to a broad base of proven buyers? Think Teel Auctions.

Teel Auctions helps individuals and businesses realize the value of their belongings and real estate at market rates. We aim to be professional and discrete in all we do, and to serve our clients with the most creative and effective marketing and presentation campaigns of any firm of our type.

Teel Auctions is a full-service professional auction company that sells antiques, estates, professional and personal equipment and belongs, and commercial and resident real estate. High-profile events include the auction of Mount Airy Lodge, the House of Four Chimneys, The Henryville House, Tamiment Resort, the Maria of America nautical painting and thousands of higher successful auctions.

Appraiser and expert witness in a variety of presentations, depositions and in-court testimonly on the subject of fair-market value of antiques, personal possessions and agricultural equipment.

Frequent auctioneer and master of ceremonies for charitable auctions, including American Cancer Society and regional environmental associations.

Former general manager and furniture artisan with Hartley Antiques, Mount Bethel, Pa.
Certifications: Licensed auctioneer, licensed auction gallery and licensed Realtor in Pennsylvania. Certified to auction in Florida and frequently auction in New Jersey.
Attended: Northampton Community College & Penn State University. Has participated in numerous clinics, educational sessions and personal training on antiques, jewelry, estate belongings and furniture.

Contact: Robert C. Teel, Teel Auctions, 2424 N. Delaware Ave., Mount Bethel, Pa. 18343. www.teelauctions.com | (570) 897-8335

Our Staff

Selling anything? Antiques, estates, real estate, businesses, equipment, supplies and anything else you can think of, call us. We've got the best rates and marketing program. Call (570) 897-TEEL early for the best dates.